About Us

In September 2017, we opened a new and unique furniture store in the heart of Tallinn.

Treimann Furniture & Design was born out of a passion for furniture and interior design. It is a family business, where we have combined the knowledge and experience of different generations in the production and sale of furniture. We have selected the best quality, modern design and affordable products from the heart of Europe. We have certainly been influenced by the time we spent living in Belgium, where most of our products originate from, in creating the Treimann Furniture Store’s identity.

In addition to furniture, we offer a constantly expanding range of lighting fixtures and accessories. In the store, we have combined the work of both Estonian and European artists. A painting on the wall or a sculpture in the room creates a distinctive look for any home or office. We are here to help you find just the right furniture and detail for your home!

See you in the store!

Treimann Furniture & Design Store family